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Services & add-ons

Audio mastering

Professional audio mastering for CD and digital release just £15 a track

Artwork design

Our design team can create your designs with professional artwork layouts

DVD & blu-ray authoring

Convert your HD footage to interactive DVD & blu-ray menus, chapters & subtitles

Master DDP creation

Let our experts create your DDPi digital masters. Formats include audio CD, DVD video, and blu-ray

Audio download cards

Sell & distribute your music as printed digital download cards. Contact us for more details


Retail ready barcode registered and placed into your designs or supplied for digital release for £25.00

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Frequently Asked Questions

CD duplication | DVD | Blu-ray FAQ

How long is your turnaround?

Our standard turnaround is 9-15 working days from approval of artworks and masters, and our express service ranges from 24 hours to 7 working days.

Do you check my artwork & audio before printing?

Artwork: We check all artwork for technical correctness, and will notify you of potential issues we spot. We also email you PDF proofs to approve prior to printing.

Audio: We’re not able to listen to every master we receive, but we will check to make sure each track of your master loads up.

Note: The above checks are provided as a courtesy, however the final responsibility is with the customer to provide correct artwork and audio.

What format do I supply artwork & audio content in?

Artwork can be provided as PDF, TIFF, Jpeg, PSD or AI. In CMYK, at 300dpi resolution, and with fonts outlined where possible.

Audio masters can be supplied as DDP, NRG or BIN/CUE. We also accept audio as individual tracks in WAV, MP3, or AIF format (£20 fee applies for master creation).

Can I get a sample print of my CD?

We’re not able to make a sample copy of your artwork as print plates need to be manufactured for each run, however we can post you samples of past work.

How can I send my material to you?

Audio, artwork and any other content can be uploaded via a file transfer website such as www.wetransfer.com or www.myairbridge.com. View our full how to order guidelines

What’s your minimum order quantity for DVD duplication & CD?

We can manufacture orders as low as 50 units.

What’s your minimum Blu-ray duplication order quantity?

We can manufacture orders as low as 50 units.

How much audio/content can I put on a CD?

Standard CD duplication can hold 78 mins of audio or approx 700mb of data.

What’s the difference between a DVD5 and DVD9?

A standard DVD5 holds 4.7gb of data, or approx 120 mins of video.
A dual-layer DVD9 holds 8.5gb of data, or approx 240 mins of video.

The above are estimates, and will vary depending on the video compression settings.

What’s the difference between duplication and replication?

Orders of 50-300 units are duplicated, which are burned CDRs, and orders of 500 and above are replicated factory-pressed CDs manufactured from a glass-master & stamper.
There is no difference in sound quality or print quality between duplicated and replicated CDs.

Note: Some early model CD players may have issues playing duplicated CDRs, however this is a diminishing issue as those players become less common.

How and when can I pay for my order?

We will invoice & ask for payment once your order manufacture has started. Payment can be made either by debit/credit card, bank transfer, cheque or PayPal (fees apply).
Full payment is required before we dispatch the order.

Can you create a menu for my DVD?

We offer an in-house DVD authoring service. Our designers can create static or animated menus to include chapters, subtitles and more.
Browse our dedicated DVD authoring page for more information.

What printing methods do you use?

For packaging we offer litho offset printing throughout, and include the choice of matt or gloss laminate finish on our card products.
DVD & CD duplication discs are offset or screen printed, dependent on the designs.

The Card stock, weight, printing methods and finishes may vary on express services where we may use digital printing.

What are ISRC codes?

ISRC codes are used to identify and track your music and ensure royalty payments reach the right people.
Read our helpful guide here for more info.

Can you match a quote I’ve had elsewhere?

We aim to match or beat any like-for-like quotes, email us any better like-for-like quote you have received and our friendly team will be happy to assist.

Do you keep my artwork/audio on file for future re-orders?

We keep your artwork and audio on file for as long as possible, however depending on when the re-order is placed you may need to re-supply an audio master and artworks.

Do you use recycled card?

Our card is made from 100% fully recyclable materials. Recycled stock is available on request.

Which countries do you ship to?

Disc Wizards ship worldwide, get in touch with us to find out shipping rates to any destination.

Vinyl pressing FAQ

How long does it take to press vinyl?

We offer 3 turnarounds to suit your needs, Standard, Express & super express services:

Standard turnaround: Test pressing 4 weeks & Main pressing 4 weeks.

Express turnaround: Test pressing 2.5 weeks & Main pressing 2.5 weeks.

Super express turnaround: Test pressing 6-10 days & Main pressing 6-10 days.

What’s the minimum vinyl pressing order quantity?

Our minimum order quantity is 100 units.

How much audio can I fit on a 7” 10” 12” record?

33 rpm: 5 mins per side (optimal) or 7 mins per side (maximum).
45 rpm: 4 mins per side (optimal) or 5 mins per side (maximum).

33 rpm: 9 mins per side (optimal) or 14 mins per side (maximum).
45 rpm: 8 mins per side (optimal) or 11 mins per side (maximum).

33 rpm: 20 mins per side (optimal) or 24 mins per side (maximum).
45 rpm: 12 mins per side (optimal) or 15 mins per side (maximum).

How do I mix audio for vinyl?

Audio that has followed good mixing techniques will be fine for vinyl pressing. There are however some considerations.
Have a look at our in-depth audio mixing guide for vinyl pressing.

What format do I provide my audio in?

Audio can be provided in any suitable audio format or on a physical CD.

Can I submit my own Lacquers?

Yes you can. This will reduce the quote by £100 per two sides of lacquer.

How many test pressings will I receive?

You can expect to receive 9 test pressings. Additional test pressings can be ordered at £5.00 each.
Read our guide on how to listen to your test-pressings.

What should I listen out for in my test pressings?

We have put together an indepth guide on how to listen and check your test pressings.

How do I submit my order?

First create a quote from the vinyl pressing section & email it to yourself. You will find an order form in the quote, which needs to be sent back to us in order to start the vinyl pressing process.

How and when can I pay for my order?

Once we have received your order details, an invoice will be sent to you. We require an initial deposit to begin on lacquer cutting and test-pressing work.

Does heavyweight sound better than standard weight?

There is no difference in the sound quality between 12” standard weight 140 gram records & 180 gram records.

What colours can my records be?

We offer a huge range of colour to select from. View the range of colour vinyl pressing options.

Do you offer any special colour effects such as splatter or marbling?

Yes. 2 or more colours can be combined to create a marbling or swirling effect. This is slightly different from splatter which we do not offer.

Are the vinyl pressed in the UK?

All our vinyl records are manufactured at our facilities in the UK.

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