Blu-ray & DVD authoring with menus

Authoring to convert your film into stunning menu-driven interactive DVDs & blu-ray

Disc Wizards is able to take your film, video and convert it into stunning DVDs with interactive menu systems. We’ve streamlined our video authoring facility to enable us to create stunning menus, for your DVD or blu-ray authoring project.

Our authoring provides static or motion menus. Options include chapter points, multiple language subtitling, various audio language tracks, NTSC, PAL and region encoding and DVD copy protection.

Once the DVD menus and master is ready, we send you out a test copy so you can be sure it looks and works exactly as required.

Our rendering process ensures the maximum detail is retained in the final video, even when converting from high definition to a DVD resolution.

DVD authoring starts at just £45.00 for up to 30 min conversion of MPEG2 footage to DVD5 format.

We can convert your footage to DVD5, DVD9, and DVD11. With blu-ray options are BD25 and BD50.

Output can be in PAL or NTSC format depending on your main viewing market.

DVD discs can be supplied either region free or locked to particular regions.

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Services & add-ons

Audio mastering

Professional audio mastering for CD and digital release just £15 a track

Artwork design

Our design team can create your designs with professional artwork layouts

DVD & blu-ray authoring

Convert your HD footage to interactive DVD & blu-ray menus, chapters & subtitles

Master DDP creation

Let our experts create your DDPi digital masters. Formats include audio CD, DVD video, and blu-ray

Audio download cards

Sell & distribute your music as printed digital download cards. Contact us for more details


Retail ready barcode registered and placed into your designs or supplied for digital release for £25.00