DDPi audio mastering service

Let us create your industry standard DDPi audio master

The safest way of providing your master audio for manufacture is as a DDPi file (Disc Description Protocol image).

With Audio CDs, the DDPi not only contains the audio but includes Artist and album name, individual track names, ISRC codes for royalty tracking (codes to be supplied by client, and we encode them in), as well as retail barcode information.

Before the popularity of DDP format, CD and DVD masters were sent as a physical file, or on tape storage format to the manufacturing plant. Now with DDPi format, the master content can be sent anywhere in the world, almost instantly, by simply uploading the DDPi master files.

We provide a professional red book standard DDPi master creation service for only £25.00 + vat. All you need to provide is the audio and relevant info, and we can create the master normally same day.

This can then be sent back as a digital download and can be stored and acts as a permanent digital master copy of the album . The DDPi format reduces the chance of data corruption as compared to sending a physical master CD or DVD for manufacture. Further, physical discs can contain C1 error segments, which whilst harmless to fuction ality of the disc, can remian on subsequent copies made from that master.

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