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Short-run CD duplication and printing

What is a short-run duplication and what are the advantages?

What is short-run CD duplication?

Short-run CD duplication services refer to the manufacture of printed CDs or DVDs, packed into a suitable CD packaging, for a quantity of up to 500 units.

Usually, a quantity that is above 500 units is manufactured using CD replication, to create CD-ROMS. CD replication refers to the creation of a glass-master disc, which is then used to create the metallised stamper, which in turn is loaded into the replication machines, to ‘press’ the CDs from raw polycarbonate.

Replication is cost effective for 500 units and more, but when a short-run quantity of discs is required, of less than 500 units, then it makes economic sense to use CD duplication. With this method, we take blank CD-Rs and duplicate the content onto them using CD duplication towers, which are rows and banks of CD burners, that can complete the copying process faster, based on the number of burners.

Short-run CD printing

Once the discs have the data, audio or video content copied, they are printed full colour using a range of CD printing methods. Usually, Disc Wizards provide either litho offset print, or screen print.

However, when a very urgent turnaround is necessary, then we offer inkjet printing.

We have put together a guide on the different CD printing methods, and what each type of printing process entails. The printing of cases or CD inserts which are on a fast turnaround are usually printed digitally, (digitally means high-end colour laser printers). If a short-run order is on our standard turnaround, then all card cases are printed using a litho offset print, which is the best type of printing.

Turnaround for a short-run duplication order

The turnaround for short-run duplication jobs tends to be faster than a standard replication job. This is due to being able to start copying the content almost instantly, (whereas in replication there are a few stages of setting up as detailed above).

Depending on your urgency, we can turnaround the job as fast as same-day. However, our standard turnaround is about 9-15 working days.

For more detailed advice on timeframes you can discuss your requirement and turnaround with our in-house experts.

Types of CD packaging cases available on a short-run

The types of packaging available for a short-run cd duplication order will depend on how soon delivery is required. However, all styles and types cases that we supply for larger quantities, and standard turnaround, are available on a short-run order.

The fastest cases to supply with the CDs are PVC wallets, and these can be as fast as same day. Following this would be printed card sleeves and jewel cases. We can turnaround this type of CD packaging with printed CD inserts as fast as 24-48 hours.

After card sleeves, are the other style of card based CD cases. These include gate-fold CD wallets, CD 4 panel digipaks and 6 panel digipacks.

Please note that all express turnarounds do carry an additional charge for the service.

Advantages of short-run duplication

The biggest advantage for short-run duplication is the speed of turnaround. Whereas replication requires several days for manufacture, the actual duplication of discs can be turned around in a matter of hours.

Another advantage with short-runs is to do with variable content. If the content of the disc is likely to be regularly updated, then it makes sense to order small quantities to tide over until the next content update. This way you are not left with legacy versions of the content.

If you wish to find out any more information on short-run duplication orders, do email us or give us a call to discuss.

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