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Submit your CD or DVD duplication order

Duplication Master ready?…Designs ready?…Time to submit!

What to Send

Once you have prepared all the parts for your order, the following will need to be sent to us, You can either send everything via the post, drop it in to our offices, or upload everything and provide us with a download link. We recommend wetransfer.com or myairbridge.com for sending large uploads to us.

1. Your Masters

Make sure your master sounds, looks and operates just as you want it. The final product you get back from us will be exact matches of the material you submit. Do mark everything with your full contact details.

2. Your graphics and Artwork

Please ensure that the files are saved according to the guidelines found here: Prepare you Artwork.

If our inhouse design team is preparing the graphics, do submit photos, text and other descriptions or comments of the package designs. If we are preparing the design, then include all text copy matter as a MS-Word file.

3. Forms

Ensure the forms found on the Prepare your Master page are completed as requested. The two forms, IPR and Permissions to Replicate are to be submitted along with your order.

4. Quotation Document

Check the quotation email that has been sent to you is correct. Do try and print this off and submit it with your CD master and artwork. If in any doubt, call us to ensure your quotation is accurate. If you are including a payment by cheque, make the cheque payable to ‘Disc Wizards Ltd’. Alternatively if you are making a bank transfer, then our bank details will be on the invoice we send you once your order has been checked.

How to Send your material

By online upload

The faster method to send us your artwork, master and forms is via online upload. You can either upload to your own FTP or preferred large file sending service such as yousendit.com, wetransfer.com or myairbridge.com. You do not need to register with the site to use any of these services, and if you include our email in the recipient field, then a download link to your files will be automatically sent to you.

By Post

If you are sending in by post, then make sure everything is packed safely and securely. We recommend using jiffy bags or bubble-wrap envelopes. If you are sending photos and artwork, separate this from the masters with cardboard. Always keep a master copy with yourself of everything you submit. Disc Wizards are not responsible for your masters and artwork.

Where to Send

Please send your packages to:

Disc Wizards
Suite 11 – Raymac House
59A Palmerston Road
London, Harrow

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