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One-off vinyl – special offer order form Guide on audio for vinyl Centre label design templates Provide a few details to start the order process Audio mixing tips for vinyl records A well mixed track following good mixing practices should also translate well to vinyl, there are however some key points to check for before …

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How long is manufacture?Audio formats & side lengthsAudio mixing tips for vinylWhy have test-pressings?Sleeves, labels & insertsAbbey Road lacquer cutsHeavyweight, colour & picture vinylWhat are download codes?How are records made? Fast turnarounds to suit your deadlines The standard turnaround suits most requirements. Or select a faster turnaround and have the records ready sooner. Standard turnaround …

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Start your order Nothing to pay now + free cancellation if you change your mind Provide a few details to start the order process Artwork or masters not ready? If your artwork or master content is not ready to send or it’s being supplied from elsewhere, you can still send and book in your order …

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