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Super jewel case CD packaging

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Key features include:
  • High quality CD replication and glass-mastering (CD duplication on order below 500 units)
  • Full colour printing on CD
  • Full colour booklet & traycard printing
  • CD and paper parts insertion into super jewel cases
  • FREE delivery to one UK mainland address
  • FREE mastering preview (on request)

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Super jewel cases with CD duplication:

Super jewel cases are similar in dimension to standard jewel cases, the biggest difference are the rounded corners.

The super jewel case stands out from the standard jewel cases, in that the corners are rounded. Super jewel cases are an evolution in the jewel case packaging and designed to replace the standard jewel case packaging. This is evident from the quality of plastic, the latch closing mechanism, through to the unique folds and cuts enployed for the rear traycard panel to enable 4 spines with printing instead of the standard 2 spines. The super jewel case can also accept a larger booklet of upto 50 pages.

As with standard jewel cases, the super jewel case can be in a 1 CD or 2 CD configuration.

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