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Prepare your master and designs

The next step is to prepare your CD or DVD Duplication package for submitting!


Your Master


Your master should sound function and operate exactly the way you want it. If it’s an audio CD, ensure songs are ordered correctly and sound exactly as you want them to. For Data CD, ensure that all the disc operates as you want it to, and that the data contained within is correct. We recommend making several additional safety copies of your master before you send it anywhere.

With our commitment to delivering the best possible service and products our engineers at the Hit Factor mastering studios will listen to your music for free and recommend whether it can benefit and sound better with post production work.

Click here to find out more about post-production services at the Hit Factor mastering studios.

Acceptable CD formats

We can accept master CDs in the following formats. DDP image (either on a physical disc or as a download link), CD-R Master, PMCD Master (Pre-Mastered CD), or as a downloadable ISO, UIF, BIN/CUE or DDP.


Before sending in your master, test it properly to make ensure it performs just as it should. Your finished discs will be an identical copy of your master. If you want to check the CD for meta-data, then a guide can be found here.

Always use high-quality recordable (DVD-R or DVD+R) non-rewritable discs for your DVD masters.

Again, the above two forms will need to be completed when you send in your master.

Need help with preparing your DVD film? Disc Wizards can take care of your DVD Authoring. Call us to find out more details.

Along with supplying your master and artwork, there is one form that needs to be completed and submitted, the Copyright Declaration form.

Need help with preparing your DVD film? Disc Wizards can take care of your DVD Authoring. Call us on 0208-793-3130 to find out more details.

Acceptable DVD formats

We can accept master DVDs in the following formats. DVD-R or +R Master, DDP image, or as a downloadable ISO, UIF or DDP.

IPR Form

On the Copyright Declaration form, fill in your name, Company or Band name, address and telephone numbers. Along with album title. Under distribution you can select how the album will be distributed, and under countries, you can say Europe / UK / USA or Worldwide if you are not sure.

In order for us to copy your material you will need to select YES to IPR holder, select this also if you have gained permission from the opyright holder to make copies of the works.

Under Quantity, fill in the number of copies being made.

Select the type of media being manufactured and on to what format.

For Genre you can select the style of music, such as pop, rock, jazz etc.

Finally, at the bottom the form needs to be signed off.

Copyright Declaration form

Note: Forms can be physically sent with the order, or alternatively, they can be scanned and emailed to us.

Handling masters

Handle masters only by the edges of the disc. Make sure your master and artwork discs are labelled clearly with your contact information.

Always keep copies of your master in triplicate. Don’t send us your only master copy.

Although every care is taken from the time we receive your master till your package is shipped back to you, Disc Wizards cannot be held responsible in the case of any kind of loss or none-readability issues of your master.

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Your Artwork and Design

Design should represent the right image

At Disc Wizards we have a dedicated team, ‘Design Squad’, to give your project the right image. We’ll discuss your ideas and review the material you submit and work from there to create a unique design. We will email you the proofs for your approval. We will only print when you are satisfied.

If you require printed proofs to be sent, each proof will cost £25 plus postage ex vat.

You can also prepare your own designs. We will check them and ensure it meets the right specifications for printing. Use our design templates to help with the proper layout of your designs.

We can accept your designs thru the following means: CD-R, DVD-ROMs, FTP and Email (strictly less than 10mb files).

Artwork Guidelines

In general, artwork design should be supplied as per our template layout, at 300dpi, CMYK colour, and where possible text embeded or converted to curves.

Adobe Illustrator

If you are preparing your artwork using Illustrator, you can directly open the PDF template from within Adobe Illustrator. Keep the templates as the topmost layer, place your artwork on a subsequent layers below the guides layer. When saving your files, make sure the files are saved at the highest PDF quality available, ensuring the resolution is 300dpi, colours are in CMYK format and that all font sets are converted out to curves.

Adobe Photoshop

If you are preparing the artwork using Photoshop, you will need to import the PDF template into photoshop and ensure the conversion settings are at 300dpi resolution The colour scheme should be set to CMYK.

Use the template to lay your artwork onto, and then save the file as a PDF file at 300 dpi, CMYK format.

Best file format for submission

We prefer to receive files that are saved out to PDF format. The PDF file needs to be at 300dpi, in CMYK colour format, and where possible, the fonts should be converted to curves and provided in a vector format for best print quality.

Alternatively, if you know your artwork is at the right size for the template, and placement, you may remove all the guides entirely and save your file as a hi-resolution JPEG file, again at 300dpi, CMYK format. JPEG save settings should be at the highest quality level.

IMPORTANT: Please note that PDF files with embedded fonts, or fonts converted to outlines / curves will always produce better print results compared to JPEGs, especially when trying to acheive sharper text.

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