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CD Graphic Design & DVD / Blu-ray Authoring

Professional in-house CD graphics design

Design Squad at Disc Wizards has graphic artists who can provide your band, film or business corporation with the right image.

We ask you to supply all photos, text matter, logos etc, and we will carry out a professional design layout service for you.

Once we have your inputs, our designers will layout the graphics, and send you the design via email for your approval. If you require any changes and adjustments, then you can email these to let us know, and we can carry out the changes at no extra charge.

We are vastly experienced in laying out design for CD and DVD printing, we pride ourselves on being able to interpret your ideas and concepts into exactly what you require. Our Design team is experienced at developing graphics for album covers and film and business presentation for DVD cases, booklets inserts and trays and inlays. If you would like to see examples of our design, then just send us an email, details what package you’d like us to design for.

DVD and Blu-ray Authoring

Design squad is able to take your film, video and convert it into stunning DVDs with interactive menu systems.

At Disc Wizards we’ve stramlined our video authoring facility to enable to create stunning menus, for your DVD or blu-ray authoring project.

We can render and edit your footage at a fast speed, and convert and author the DVD or blu-ray in a short time.

Our rendering process ensures the maximum detail is retained in your projects, even if converting from high definition to DVD resolution. Furthermore, once we have created the menus, we email these out to you, and can even send a master DVD to you via download or post, for you approval and testing before we start manufacturing from this master.

We have the best prices for DVD and blu-ray authoring, starting from just £75 to convert and create a playable DVD or blu-ray master. Talk to us for more details.


Once design squad do their magic, your album will look at home on the Top 10 rack in stores!

Graphic Design Prices
Basic package £125
Imtermediate package £165
Advanced custom package £195
If you only require graphics work without any CDs ordered, then add £150 to the above prices


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