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CDs in clam shell case – C shells

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Key features include:
  • High quality CD replication and glass-mastering (CD duplication on order below 500 units)
  • Full colour printing on CD
  • CD into clam cases
  • FREE delivery to one UK mainland address
  • FREE mastering preview (on request)

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Duplicated CDs into clam shell cases

CDs in clam shells offer a step up over PVC wallets.

The clam shell lets you see the entire print of the disc, at the same time offering unrivalled protection. The plastic used on the clam shells is not as brittle as a jewel case, and therefore, less prone to damage. The clam shell is also known as a C shell case, and although we ship these standard in milky clear cases, we do offer a variety of multicolour if you wish.

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