CD Calendar cases

Disc Wizards are offering CD calendar cases with customised and printed inserts

The CD calendar case is a relatively new format of desktop calendar and due to the way it is constructed will easily last a full years use, whilst still retaining an unblemished look. They create an ideal promotional gift for clients, family and friends. CD calendar cases are available in multiple variety of sizes.

Many refer to the CD calendar cases as almost the perfect marketing tool as the CD calendar cases sit on your clients desk, right next to their computer screen. They’ve proven to be an excellent promotional tool in this respect as your company name and details are never more than a glance away from your customers’ vision, every day, through-out the year, therefore establishing itself as a effective year round advertising tool.

The inserts for these calendar cases can be personalised with your own pictures and images, or you can use any one of our themed templates. A typical calendar case will consist of 13 inserts, a front cover, followed by the inserts for each of the 12 months. We print each insert onto 250gsm card stock in full colour one sided. The inserts are then placed into a shatter-proof plastic case.

All our CD calendar cases are available from a quantity of 50 units, right up to the 1000’s, below you can find prices for common order quantities, in case you require a higher quantity, simply fill out the quotation request form, or drop us an email with your enquiry.

Calendar case pricing

Price below are for standard and landscape style calendar cases.

calendar case

  • Quantity       Unit Price
  •    50                      £3.50
  •    100                    £2.20
  •    200                    £1.58
  •    300                     £1.20
  •    400                     £1.03
  •    500                     £0.98
  •    1000                   £0.79

calendar case

  • Quantity       Unit Price
  •    50                      £4.00
  •    100                    £2.50
  •    200                    £1.83
  •    300                     £1.43
  •    400                     £1.25
  •    500                     £1.21
  •    1000                   £0.98

Calendar case FAQ

What is a CD calendar case?

A CD calendar case is a case made of clear plastic for the purposes of holding printed card inserts trimmed to the specific size where each card insert represents one month of a calendar. The case can be used to hold calendar pages, and it can be used for a variety of other purposes, (see below). A calendar case works as both a case to store its content, and a display case for the items. The case opens and the front lid folds back to create the base of the stand, whilst the rest of the case sits at a 45 degree angle to form the display component of the case.

What can a calendar case be used for?

The uses for a CD calendar case are almost endless, and completely depend on the creativity of the individual. Apart from being able to hold calendar prints which can be themed for any industry or for family and friends, there are other interesting uses for a calendar case. The case can be used to hold recipe cards, or a point of sale holder for postcards. Designers, architects, photographers and other creative persons can use the case to hold their portfolio of work.

What are the different styles of CD calendar case?

We offer 3 styles of CD calendar case, the standard CD calendar case, a landscape calendar case and an A5 calendar case.

How to Order

To place an order, all you require is to have your artwork ready. You will need to supply 13 pieces of artwork, using the templates below. This includes one for each month, and a front cover. Once the design is ready you can send the artwork across to us, and let us know the quantity you wish to order.

For any more information, quotes or details on CD calendar cases, please email us, or speak to us for some friendly advice.