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CD Flyers

In the cut throat industry of music promotion, it is paramount to get your event noticed, and brand loyalty activated with your clients and guests.


Fig 1: The above image shows a CD in a plastic wallet, this is an effective way of promoting an event, rather then conventional paper flyer printing.

Historically to promote a nightclub or club event then the solution is mass glossy printed colour flyer distribution. After a night spent in central London, it is possible to come back home with literally tens of different club flyers promoting all sorts of nightlife, to cater for all tastes. Most flyers however end up on the road or pavement a few yards from the person handing them out. The majority of people consider it a piece of junk marketing, often directly placed in your hand by its distributor. This is why these flyers are distributed en-mass as the returns are minimal. A return of 1 in 100 flyers is considered a good return.

Printed flyers used to be a sure fire way of attracting a big crowd to a nightclub event, and ensuring it is the most talked about place to be. Because flyer distribution used to work so well, everyone uses this means to promote an event to the point where no one event particularly tends to stand out.

How can event flyer promotion be taken to the next level, to ensure not only is your event promoted and remembered in the mind of your potential guests, but also to create a status quo where you have a queue of people wanting a free flyer, rather than it being forced on someone?

A more recent trend has been to use a CD as a means of promotion, known as CD flyers.

A CD flyer is a novel idea and takes the conventional printed flyer to the next level. By it’s very nature it encourages product interaction with your target audience.

Often a printed flyer does not depict the style of music on offer too well, and so a CD flyer offers your guests a chance to sample your club event, and listen to the types of music of offer on the evening of the event.

If the event is a live event, then the artists featured that evening could have snippets of their songs on the CD. The artists could record a custom recording to introduce the event on the cd, or even record an impromptu song for the purposes of CD flyer promotion.

If the club event is more DJ based, then the headline DJs could all feature a mini mix on the CD, letting listeners sample the kind of music they can expect on the club night.

An event with 6 different DJs could all feature on the CD, with quick 10 minute mix samples exhibiting the skills and tastes of each DJ.

Advantages of a CD flyer

By the very fact that a person is handed a CD, rather than a piece of printed paper or card will ensure the CD flyer is not intentionally disposed in a rubbish bin a few yards away. The CD is very likely to find it self into an handbag, or jacket pocket, and more likely to be with the person the next day, when they can have a look at the promo CD flyer, and listen to it’s content at their comfort.

If you have a regular club event, then you probably have video footage of past event. It is possible to include the video on the CD so the user can not only hear the music on offer, but also get to see past parties in the form of a video.

A CD flyer can be extended to being a DVD flyer if you have more video rather than sound, and want the user to pop the disc into their DVD player.

Your potential guest can really get a feel for your venue, the bar, the layout, lighting, as well as the other clientele you cater to, just from the comfort of their sofa.

The main objective of any advertising campaign, is not only direct sales, but for the brand to make close connections and personal ties with its potential clients and guests. Certainly a flyer that offers levels of interaction will stand out in the thoughts of the user and be more memorable than a printed paper flyer, which may not even survive more than a few yards of where it’s handed out to ending up in a garbage bin.

CD Flyer printing

With CD Flyer printing not only does can the disc contain audio and video content, but the face of the disc will be printed in full colour to contain all the vital information about your event. This can include date and times of the event, the venue address, information about the featured artists and DJ’s, with colour graphics and photos depicting the evening.

CD Flyer packaging

The simplest way to distribute the CD would be in a clear plastic PVC wallet, This offers protection to the disc from scratches, but as the wallet is clear, then details of the CD print can be clearly visible through the case. For a more luxurious promotion, say for a membership pack, or where the client is expected to make a significant investment then a more expensive case style can be used ranging from digipacks to card wallets and jewel cases.

CD flyer costs and prices

A short-run of 100 CDs in a plastic PVC wallet will cost about £1.00 each, however a run of 1000 CDs would be about 27p each, with this cost falling to 15p for 5000 units, and 10000 CDs in a PVC wallet costing only about 13p each. This price would include copying of the audio, video or other information onto the CD, printing of the CD in full colour, and packaging of the CD into PVC wallets, boxed and ready for distribution.

CD Flyer design

Our in-house design team can offer you cutting edge graphic design to layout your club or event design on to the printed disc, and provide PDF proofs for your approval via email before any printing work is started, this way you can ensure you are completely happy with the design and artwork for the CD.

Our in-house team also specialises in DVD and Blu-ray authoring, so if you want a DVD rather than CD, then we can create custom menus and a unique navigation system for the DVD menu, which will make it easy for the client to navigate around the content, and ensure your brand makes a connection on an emotional with your potential customer.

CD flyer printing turnaround

Once we have received your approval for the CD design, and have received the content for the CD flyer, the printing and duplication of the CDs can start. The manufacturing time on a standard turnaround is 8 to 10 working days. If a faster turnaround is required, then an express CD manufacturing service can be chosen which can be ready same day.

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