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Blu-ray duplication and authoring

Blu-ray duplication

Disc Wizards is now offering cutting edge blu-ray authoring, blu-ray duplication or replication, and industry best, blu-ray packaging. We can provide from a small quantity of several blu-ray discs right up to several thousand copies within a short turnaround.

With the increase of high definition televisions in household and business presentations and exhibitions, and higher penetration and sales of blu-ray players globally, it makes sense to release video on a bluray format to retain it’s original high definition glory.

Blu-ray discs can be made fully interactive, with animated menus, all in beautiful high definition.

Blu-ray authoring

Disc Wizards can help with authoring your high definition video to blu-ray disc format. We are experienced with all forms of video editing and authoring, and now we have added blu-ray duplication and authoring to our roster of services.

Whether your source is from HDCAM tape, DigiBeta, or soft format such as MOV files, we can convert the format for blu-ray playability. Best of all, as we have refined our processes, we take a fraction of the time in our conversions, and therefore saving the customer valuable time and importantly costs.

Blu-ray cases

The standard packaging for blu-ray is blu-ray cases, this type of case can hold the disc, as well as additional printed packaging such as a printed booklet.

Alternative blu-ray cases and packaging

There is not hard and fast rule about which cases should be used with duplicated blu-rays, and as such, all the cases we provide for CD and DVDs can be manufactured and supplied for use with blu-ray discs. You can see CD packaging here, and DVD packaging at this link. Some people prefer a card based packaging, such as CD size and DVD size digipacks, or card sleeves, and wallets.

What is Blu-ray?

Blu-ray is an exciting new high-density optical disc format. It currently offers two capacities, BD25 and BD50, (25gb and 50gb respectively. BD is the short-form for Blu-ray). This means a BD50 disc has over 10 times the capacity compared to a conventional DVD5. Blu-ray can be used for storing High definition (HD) video, or as a high capacity storage medium.

How does blu-ray get it’s name?

The name blu-ray is not just a fancy name for a new technology, it derives from the blue laser head required to read from and write to the discs. Whereas laser beams for CDs and DVDs are red, the blue laser beam is significantly thinner than a red beam, (shorter wave-length) and so far more data can be stored on a disc, that resembles a CD or DVD, in dimensions and size.

Quick Blu-ray Quote:

Storage capability

A big advantage of blu-ray is it can be used for data storage and archive. It can hold up to 7 hours of loss-less high definition format, as well as being used to back up your videos, audio and other data.

Added disc protection

Blu-ray discs, whether BD-RW or BD-R have an additional coating of polymer, which provides more resistance to scratching when cleaning the discs.

What are the main features of blu-ray?

– Upto 10 x the capacity of a standard DVD5.
– Can store over 9 hours of HD video.
– Blu-ray disc can be authored to have in-line menus, whilst video is playing.
– Blu-ray disc can be configured to allow in menu internet and network connectivity.
– A special high strength coating on blu-ray discs, ensures they last long, and avoid damage from scratches and general wear an tear.

Want to know more about blu-ray duplication?

Read our frequently asked questions section, which can answer your most common questions, if you still are not sure, then you can email us, or call us.

Blu-ray design templates

We have a page dedicated to lots of design templates, this includes blu-ray packaging templates as well.

If you are interested in placing an order for blu-ray discs, read our guide on how to place a blu-ray order.

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