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6 panel digiPak 1 CD with booklet holder
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6 panel digiPak 2 CD with booklet holder
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Disc onbody template
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6 Panel DigiPaks for 1 or 2 CDs, with booklets

Quick Quote:
Key features include:

- High quality CD replication and glass-mastering (CD duplication on order below 500 units)

- Full colour printing on CD

- Full colour digiPak printing on 320gsm board

- Choice of matt or gloss finish on wallets

- Packaging and CD insertion into digipaks

- FREE delivery to one UK mainland address

- FREE mastering preview (on request)

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CDs in printed card 6 panel digiPaks, wth booklets:

The item includes 1 or 2 CDs in full-color 6 panel digiPaks, with the option of colour booklets, full colour on-disc printing, plus packaging.

Booklets are available either glued to one panel, or inserted inside a pocket on the panel.

DigiPaks make a big statement. The ultimate custom packaging for your CD replication. DigiPaks are also a more environmentally friendly compared to plastic jewel boxes. Many UK companies do not have the facilities to manufacture digiPaks, especially in small quantities. We can manufacture digiPaks for a small a quantity as 500. Our package includes a high-gloss laminate coating for a long lasting finish. Soft matt finish is available on request at no extra charge. Reach us on for more information, or simply fill out the form above for a quick quote.