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Duplicated CDs on spindle - bulk packed

Quick Quote:
Key features include:

- High quality CD replication and glass-mastering (CD duplication on order below 500 units)

- Full colour printing on CDs

- FREE delivery to one UK mainland address

- FREE mastering preview (on request)

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Replicated and duplicated CDs on spindle with full colour print

Ideal for when you just require CDs on spindle.

You may already have packaging, or do not require any at all, then Cds on spindle is the right choice.

For orders below 500 in quantity, we usually duplicate the CDs, and for orders over 500 units, we'll replicate the CDs from a glass-master and stamper. For duplicated CDs, we can turn this around in anything from 24 hours onwards, and replicated CDs can take a minimum of 5 days, but usually 10-12 days.

Both duplicated and replicated CDs feature full colour printing, to the centre of the discs.

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