Audio Mastering / CD Mastering

Professional Audio Mastering at a fraction of Big Studio Costs!

Welcome to The Hit Factor Mastering Suites at Disc Wizards.

The Hit Factor provides post production and audio mastering at affordable rates. Our mastering service will ensure your music is ready for commercial release, and your music will receive the individual care and attention it deserves.

Mastering is the last creative step before CD audio replication. With the Hit Factor, you can do this without paying as much as you would with other mastering houses.

Disc Wizards offers a free mastering preview service. Our engineers will listen to your audio and offer advice if there can be improvements. We'll even re-master 1 track for your for FREE so you can hear the before and after results.

Professional mastering and post-production for only £90 Our studios are equiped with industry standard professional gear. From A/D, D/A convertors to the latest in audio softwares and plugins.

If you would likes some good tips and tricks on how to submit your audio so that our engineers can master your tracks to the full potential then click here.

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Mastering suite: The secret for that mega label sound!
Mastering will:

- rasie the overall punchiness
- even out the overall volume
- remove hiss and noise
- clean-up tracks thru fine EQ'ing

Post production Mastering and EQ
1-20 mins£90
21-40 mins£125
41-60 mins£150
61-80 mins£175
If you are just mastering without any CDs ordered, then add £120 to the above prices
Basic cleaning, no mastering or EQ
1-20 mins£65
21-40 mins£95
41-60 mins£125
61-80 mins£140
If you are just cleaning without any CDs ordered, then add £90 to the above prices