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Disc Wizards provide professional DVD, Blu-ray and CD duplication for business, film-makers and musicians

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What is the difference between cd or dvd duplication and replication?

Although the two words essentially have the same meaning, in the optical disc industry, there is a big distinction in the terms, and how they refer to the manufacture process of the final discs.
Duplication: Manufacture of discs using blank CD-R, DVD-R, Blu-ray-R (BD-R).
Replication: Manufacture of the discs from stamper and glass-master, pressed from polycarbonate granules.
For duplication we use blank media such as mentioned above and copy the data or audio onto the disc. The discs are then printed. In the CD replication or DVD replication process we make a glass-master and stamper of your content, this is like a master copy. From this stamper, the discs are ‘pressed’, similar to an injection moulding process, where the disc starts off in it’s raw form as poly carbonate granules.
Advantages: Duplication is cost effective on 1-400 copies, or when a fast turnaround is required. Replication is cheaper to manufacture once the quantity is 500 or more, and the final discs are considered professionally manufactured discs.
There is no difference in the sound quality of audio CD, or any difference in the quality of the data copied on the discs between duplicated and replicated discs.

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Disc Wizards based in London, UK, have built a reputation as a reliable supplier of CDs, DVDs vinyl pressing and Blu-ray duplication. We excel in fast turnarounds, and bespoke cardboard based cases. We are known for our low prices, timely answers, via email and telephone support to our customer enquiries.
Disc Wizards can support in your product distribution requirements, be it delivery to several distributors, or individual mail shots to thousands of customers. We partner with established and reputable courier companies such as UKMail and TNT to ensure your discs are delivered on time.
We can supply all of the UK including Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Republic of Ireland. Disc Wizards have a 1-3 days service into most of Europe including, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and Italy; and next day delivery in to all of USA. Let us know if you have any questions.
Supplementary services provided by Disc Wizards, include CD Mastering and authoring, DVD menu creation, and DVD authoring., graphic design and professional layout of your artwork.

CD Packaging, DVD Packaging

Disc Wizards provide a wide range of cases and packaging for your CDs and DVDs. For CDs, we can offer jewel cases, digipacks or flexipacks in a combination of sizes, to include 4 panel, 6 panel, 8 and 10 panel. Cardboard cases are also available without plastic trays this includes CD sleeves, and gatefold wallets in multi panel formats from 4 to 10 sides.
For DVD packaging, we offer the de facto DVD cases in black or clear plastic cases with a colour printed inlay and disc. Other cases for DVD can in clued DVD sleeves, into printed card wallets with multiple panels, and into DVD digipacks or flexi trays. We can additionally supply the discs on spindle, without any cases, or into simple PVC plastic wallets. Or clam shells.

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