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CD Packaging, DVD Packaging

Disc Wizards provide a wide range of cases and packaging for your CDs and DVDs. For CDs, we can offer jewel cases, digipacks or flexipacks in a combination of sizes, to include 4 panel, 6 panel, 8 and 10 panel. Cardboard cases are also available without plastic trays this includes CD sleeves, and gatefold wallets in multi panel formats from 4 to 10 sides.
For DVD packaging, we offer the de facto DVD cases in black or clear plastic cases with a colour printed inlay and disc. Other cases for DVD can in clued DVD sleeves, into printed card wallets with multiple panels, and into DVD digipacks or flexi trays. We can additionally supply the discs on spindle, without any cases, or into simple PVC plastic wallets. Or clam shells.

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