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DVD Duplication

We have many packaging ideas for your DVD duplication project. DVD Packages include DVD in DVD cases, DVD in printed card sleeves, DVD in DVD Digipaks and DVDs in PVC wallets. You can email us if you do not see the required casing, and we’ll go thru different options with you.

The DVD replication service includes glass mastering, pressing of the DVD from a stamper, the disc includes full colour printing and ofcourse full-colour DVD package printing.

Disc Wizards offers world class CD and DVD replication, all with a Low Price Promise!

The process of DVD duplication is akin to CD duplication, the major difference between DVD and CD duplication is the amount of data being written to the disc.

DVD Duplicator / DVD Duplication Machine

A DVD duplicator is usually a stand-alone DVD duplication tower. The duplicator tower is fitted with rows of burners that are essentially the same as the CD and DVD drives found on your computer.

The main difference is that a duplication tower will have one bay that is fitted with a controller card or ‘brain’. This enables the DVD duplicator tower to operate with out the need for it to be connected and controlled by a computer.

DVD duplication towers can also be fitted with a hard-drive. The data to be copied is loaded onto the hard drive, then when the burning process starts, the data is supplied from the hard drive, rather than disc to disc.

DVD Print & DVD Printing

Once the DVD has the data duplicated onto it, the DVD can then be printed. For DVD print there are several technologies that can be used.

The first is ink-jet DVD printing. This printing technology uses ink-jet technology to print directly to the pre-recorded or blank DVD disc. Ink-jet DVD print produces excellent results when printing photos, graphics and logos.

If the DVD print is a solid colour design, then thermal printing will produce a better print result. Thermal is suited for solid colour disc printing.

If a large number of discs are to be printed then screen printing is preferred, however, screen is only really suitable for solid colour printing, and does not produce a great result if photos, images or graphics are to be printed on the DVD disc.

Benefits of DVD Duplication and DVD Printing

One of the biggest advantage for DVD replication and printing is that it can be setup very fast. A DVD manufacturer can record or duplicate and print the DVD disc within a matter of minutes.

Compare this to DVD replication, where a glass-master and stamper needs to be first manufactured before the disc is printed, and then negatives or screens need to be made before the disc is printed.

Further, if only 1 to 500 DVD discs are to be printed and duplicated then it is more cost effective to go for DVD Duplication.

A wide range of DVD packaging options are available.

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