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CD Duplication

We have a full section of packages for your CD duplication project. Packages available include CD jewel case, CD in wallets and sleeves, CDs in digipaks and CDs in PVC wallets. If you don’t see the package you’re after email us and we’ll gladly offer advice.

The CD replication service includes glass mastering, CD pressing, full colour on-disc CD printing, full-colour package printing, world-class encoding and audio mastering suite, cutting-edge graphic designs and of course, the best quality CD duplication.

Disc Wizards offers world class CD duplication and CD Replication, all with a Low Price Promise!

CD Calendar cases

CD Calendar case, Landscape Calendar case - with printed inserts

CD duplication is the process used when a CD manufacturing service is required for 1 to 500 discs.

This includes audio CDs and CD-ROMs that contain data. This data can include all file formats from PowerPoint presentations, PDF documents, spreadsheets, interactive CD-ROMs, and software releases. Another use for CDs is to present video. This format is known as Video CD, or VCD. Although not so popular in Europe, this version of video was widely popular all over Asia, before the mass advent of DVD.

CD Duplication

The process of CD duplication is as follows. The data is loaded into hard-drives from a master CD. This can be any of the above formats, Audio CD, data CD or Video CD. From the hard-drive the data is transferred to the CD replication towers. These towers contain columns of CD burners, which are similar to the burners found on your computer. These CD burners duplicate the CD at a high speed and a high level of accuracy. The hardware on the CD burning towers ensures a high level of quality control. If in the CD duplication process any one CD is not corrected duplicated, then the hardware automatically detects this and it will flag that particular duplicated CD as not good to use, and this is CD is then discarded.

CD Printing

Once the CD duplication is complete in the duplicating towers, the discs are ready for CD printing.

The printing process in duplication can be any of, ink-jet printing, thermal printing and silkscreen printing. The process used depends on the design that is to be printed and the quantities.

Inkjet CD Printing

Inkjet CD printing is superb for printing multiple colours. It is most suited for CD printing where there are photos and graphics. Out of the three above processes, CD printing using inkjet machines produces the best results for intricate designs and photos.

Thermal CD printing

Thermal CD printing is very good for printing solid colours. If you have a design containing 1 single colour as the background and say white text in the foreground then the best results are produced using thermal printers.

Silkscreen printing

Silkscreen printing is similar to thermal CD printing in that it is very good for single colours and where there are not multiple colours or intricate designs and photos. Silkscreen really comes into its own when it comes to speed of printing. Whereas the above two processes can take 30 -60 seconds to print a disc, silkscreen printing can print discs in a fraction of that speed.


Once the CD duplication is done, and the CD printing is complete, then the finishing happens. This is where the CDs are packaged into the required casing. The simplest of CD duplication jobs are when CDs are packaged onto spindle. Other CD duplication packaging options include CDs in jewel cases, CDs in card sleeves and CDs into wallets.

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