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Church CD Duplication and other faith organisations

A guide on how to get the right CD duplication for your church

Disc Wizards have many years experience supplying CDs and DVDs, and now offering blu-ray duplication, for religious and faith organisations such as churches, mosques, temples, ministries and synagogues. We offer honest, impartial and practical advice on how to have your CD, DVD or blu-ray project manufactured on time and in budget, regardless of your size or your available resources. What ever your needs, we can provide a solution. Contact us via email or give us a call to chat to our experts.

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Our work for faith organisations is largely split in to supplying blank printed media, and for manufacture and duplication of finished discs in customised packaging or cases.

Printed blank CD, DVD and Blu-ray

Churches, mosques and temples want to be able to spread the word of their sermons to their congregation as soon as they can. We often supply blank CDs or DVDs that are pre-printed with custom graphics, and so at the end of a sermon, choir recital, or religious performance, organisations with their own duplication systems can use the pre-printed blank discs, to burn or write on to directly.

This way the organisation is able to provide their followers a CD with their pre-recorded important messages soon after it has taken place. By having the disc custom printed, it enables the organisation to provide a professional looking duplicated CD or DVD to their followers.

Disc Wizards have made mass recording and distribution of your faith messages, faith music and teachings easy.

Full CD or DVD manufacturing with duplication, replication and custom printed cases

We regularly offer CD and DVD manufacturing services to church and other faith organisations. This is a complete service, where the client provides us with a recorded master, and artwork, which we then copy, duplicate or replicate to a quantity specified by the customer.

The types of package include CD jewel cases, or for a more environmentally friendly package, which is made of majority card and paper based products, CDs in 5″ card wallet, 4 panel wallets, and digipacks are very popular.

We have found that more and more faith organisations and young people associated with those organisations are using faith based music and dedicated concert events to appeal to their congregation and attract new followers. This has seen an increase in musicians and singers using their music to explore their religion or faith. A lot of these performers build up a big following within their community and therefore, require CDs and DVDs to promote their faith and music.

With our short run duplication starting from only 100 units, people are able to easily manufacture their albums, without going to the expense of having a large quantity manufacture that some people associate with using a CD manufacturing company. We are able to help you meet your requirements regardless of your budget available or size.

By offering short run CD and DVD duplication, Disc Wizards can ensure that you can press your album in a small quantity and which looks just as good as every retail album found in stores.

What happens once you send your order for manufacture

Once we receive your master and artworks, we check the designs for technical correctness and that there are no glaring issues that may affect the print. Once we are happy with this, we email you PDF proofs for your approval.

On approval from the client, the job is scheduled for printing and manufacture, which can take about 10-14 working days on our standard turnaround. For faster turnaround within a short span of time, we offer express services, which can have your church cd duplication job ready in 24 hours to a few days depending on your urgency.

Artwork design

It is a good idea to include the name of your church or faith organisation and contact details on the design for your CD or DVD. Also include in in the design the contents listing of the disc, and what the listener can expect to hear. Another thing to bear in mind is simplicity is better than an over complicated design.

If you do not have facilities to design your own artwork, then Disc Wizards are able to provide you with a professional design service and DVD authoring at a fixed, cheap price.

What ever your questions, you can speak to our experts via email, or telephone for a fast honest and impartial answer.

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