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Trading Terms and Conditions of Disc Wizards

1. GENERAL These terms and conditions shall apply to all contracts entered into by the Company (as hereinafter defined) and unless otherwise agreed by the Company in writing shall apply to all orders placed with the Company. Any stipulation or conditions contained in the orders placed by the Customer (as hereinafter defined) which conflict with […]

Cheap Lenticular Printing, London UK

Disc Wizards now offer lenticular printing. We can offer lenticular print sizes of A6 and upwards with quick turnarounds and stunning results. View our dedicated page from where you can see examples, a video about lenticular and request a quotation on lenticular printing.

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UK Vinyl Pressing and Vinyl Manufacture

Disc Wizards offer one of the fastest vinyl pressing and vinyl manufacture turnarounds globally. Our standard service is about 3 weeks for test-pressings and 3 weeks for the main manufacture for standard black vinyl. We even offer an express service for faster turnarounds.

We offer a complete solution including lacquer cutting, galvanics, vinyl pressing and printing of colour centre labels. Our packages include heavy-duty colour printed vinyl sleeves, or gate-fold vinyl wallets.

Additional options include colour pressings, picture discs, heavy-weight pressings (180gram), shrinkwrap, colour inserts, and printed inner sleeves.

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Tips on how to prepare your audio masters for optimal lacquer cutting and vinyl pressing

Mixing and mastering for vinyl: Audio supplied for vinyl record lacquer cutting and pressing does require special preparation and consideration in order to bring out the full warmth and sonic range of vinyl records. The below list provides check-points to adhere to when mixing and mastering for vinyl in order to achieve the best lacquer […]

CD Packaging, DVD Packaging

Disc Wizards provide a wide range of cases and packaging for your CDs and DVDs. For CDs, we can offer jewel cases, digipacks or flexipacks in a combination of sizes, to include 4 panel, 6 panel, 8 and 10 panel. Cardboard cases are also available without plastic trays this includes CD sleeves, and gatefold wallets […]


Disc Wizards based in London, UK, have built a reputation as a reliable supplier of CDs, DVDs vinyl pressing and Blu-ray duplication. We excel in fast turnarounds, and bespoke cardboard based cases. We are known for our low prices, timely answers, via email and telephone support to our customer enquiries. Disc Wizards can support in […]

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