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Articles related to CD and DVD Manufacture, pressing and printing

What can a CD be used for?

CDs and DVDs are an integral and universally accepted data format to the extent everyone would recognise a CD or DVD disc and know how to use one. We all know that CDs can be used to store music, video and data, but below we look at the various applications for the CD and how […]

Use disc imaging software to create backups of your discs

If there is one thing that all computing experts agree upon it’s that software backups are probably the most critically important task that a company needs to carry out on its data and to protect its intellectual property. This also applies to individuals who have large collections of music albums, videos or data stored on […]

How to Clean Your CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs

Proper care and cleaning of your CD, DVD and Blu-rays is important to ensure the data contained on the disc plays correctly and lasts for life span of the disc, which should be about 20 years. Fingerprints, scratches, dust and dirt on the data side of the discs are usually the main cause of any […]

Computer optical drive loading mechanisms

When searching for a CD or DVD drive, there are several factors to consider, and disc loading mechanism is an important consideration. Loading mechanism is basically the mechanical component that is responsible for loading the optical disc into the reading / writing drive. There are three loading mechanisms available in the market, they are; tray, […]

The history and evolution of the compact disc

In the late 1970s, the two companies Philips and Sony, seperately developed prototypes in a bid to become the first to develop the Compact Disc (CD). The story of the CD started way back in 1957 with experiments involving the rudimentary video disc by the Italian Antonio Rubbiani that stimulated an entire generation of scientists […]

Exploring different CD printing methods

Below we look at the options available for printing on to a CD, DVD or Blu-ray disc. Discs are printed for their aesthetic value by extending the design style and look of the rest of the CD packaging. If a disc is not printed, then it would just be a silver disc on both sides. […]

How to create an autorun CD

When a CD is inserted into a PC computer, Windows presents the user with several options on how the disc should be opened. This can include ‘exploring’ the disc contents or playing the disc in WMP (windows media player). A more user friendly approach to handling data discs in windows is to author the disc […]

An easy way to check a master audio CD for CD text, IRSC and MCN or barcode information

After many weeks, months, possibly years, working in the studio to make your album sound just perfect, the most daunting aspects of having your album manufactured can be when it’s time to hand over the master for replication or duplication. Are all the songs present? And in the right order? Are silences between the tracks […]

What are ISRC codes, how to acquire ISRC codes, and how to use them with your songs and recordings.

An ISRC code can be issued to individuals, record labels and other organisations that need the ability track their music. The code has 4 parts to it, for example: GB-QS2-12-00001 GB – This is the country code of the territory in which the code was issued. In this case GB would mean a code issued […]

The correct way to submit your songs for audio mastering

This article will look at best practices for how to prepare and send final mixes to a mastering studio for audio mastering. The most important thing is to give the mastering engineer plenty of scope, or headroom to work within. Below we explore what we mean by this, and ways to provide the mixes in […]

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