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CD duplication services to Ireland

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At Disc Wizards we can supply every type of CD packaging for your music and film release. We can deliver to all over Ireland, this includes all major cities and smaller towns and villages. We regularly delivery to the following places in Ireland: Dublin, Wexford, Cork, Waterford, Galway, Donegal, Limerick, Tipperary, and all counties within to include Kerry and Mayo.

All the below packages include full colour CD printing. For orders over 500 units the CDs are glass-mastered and pressed from a stamper. For orders below 500 the CDs are usually duplicated from CDr.

CD Delivery to Ireland

All our products are assembled in the UK, and we ship CDs and DVDs to Ireland using a reliable courier service. Deliveries to Ireland take one to two working days from the time they are dispatched from our factory. The delivery service to Ireland is fully trackable, and arrangements can also be made to collect goods from the central depot in Ireland, or can be delivered right to your door step.

What is the difference between Duplication and replication?

Although duplication and replication both have similar dictionary definitions, when we talk about these terms in regards to CDs or DVD copying, then they both imply vastly different manufacturing processes.


When discs are duplicated, blank media is used. This can be blank CDs, DVDs or Bluray. The blank discs are copied on to using towers of CD burners, similar to the CD writers found on computer systems. The discs are then printed using inkjet or thermal printing technologies.


Disc which are replicated, go through are far more involved process than duplicated discs. Replication involves making a glass-master of the content; this glass-master is then used to create the stamper. Once a stamper is ready, this is used in the replication machinery to ‘press’ the CDs, this is like an injection moulding process, brand new CDs with the data copied onto are manufactured from polycarbonate powder or granules. Once these discs are pressed, then they are printed on using offset or litho printing, which results in a retail ready quality of disc.


Our standard turnaround for all packages is 10-14 working days, and on our express turnaround this can be as fast as 24 hours to a few days depending on the urgency and the type of cases selected. The shipping time to Ireland will be an additional 1-2 working days.

How to place an order

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Here is a useful guide on preparing your artwork for print.

If you have any questions regarding your production, feel free to email or telephone us on +44(0)20-886-12349 to talk to one of our experts.

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