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Frequently asked questions about blu-ray duplication

Blu-ray, what is it?

Blu-ray is the replacement optical disc format for DVD video. The format has been specifically designed for the recording and playback of high definition video. Additionally, the format can be used as a high capacity storage disc, for data backup. (25gb or 50gb).

Are there any differences between blu-ray duplication and blu-ray replication?

Yes there are. The difference lies in the manufacturing process. With replication, usually minimum quantity of 500, a glass-master and stamper are made; these are then used in the ‘pressing’ of the discs, similar to an injection moulding process. With duplication, blank BD-R’s are used, and the content is written, or ‘burnt’ onto the blank media. There is no difference in the final video or audio quality.

How much data can a blu-ray disc store?

Currently there are two capacities for blu-ray disc, this is 25gb, known as BD25 and 50gb known as BD50. BD50 represents a 10 fold increase in storage capacity, when compared to a standard DVD5.

How does the blu-ray storage capacity convert to actual video length?

A 50GB blu-ray disc, (BD50) can hold over 9 hours of high definition video, or roughly 23 hours of standard definition.

What video formats can blu-ray handle?

The support formats for video are, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC and SMPTE VC-1.

What audio formats can blu-ray handle?

The support formats for audio and video are, PCM, DTS-HD, DTS surround, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus (DD+), and Dolby Digital (DD).

How long does manufacturing take for blu-ray discs?

Our standard turnaround for orders is 10-15 working days, however we do have express turnarounds that can supply discs within 24 hours to 5 working days, depending on your requirement.

Is a blu-ray disc physically larger than a CD or DVD?

Capacity-wise blu-ray far exceeds the capacity of CD or DVD. Physically, then medium is the same dimensions as a CD or DVD.

What does blu-ray offer, that I can’t do with a conventional DVD?

Blu-ray offers several advantages. More capacity, support for pop-up menus. This allows video settings to bechanged whilst watching the movie. Blu-ray also allows for internet and network connectivity. Further the blu-ray disc is harder wearing with a special polymer coating for more protection from scratches and general wear and tear.

Can CDs and DVDs play on a blu-ray player?

Currently there is no requirement for manufacturers to support backwards compatibility for CD and DVD, however most players do have support for this as default as it makes the player more desirable. It is always better to check each manufacturer’s blu-ray player product specifications, as this will vary player to player.

Most Blu-ray players however, will include backwards playability compatibility for CDs and DVDs. A lot of players offer upscaling to 1080i / 1080p for DVD, this means you DVD video will look better on viewing through a blu-ray player.

Why should I use Disc Wizards?

Disc Wizards have vast experience of manufacturing CDs, DVDs and now blu-ray. We are always available to chat to on phone or via email, and are known for our excellent customer service. Whether you are new to pressing discs, or not, we can guide you every stp of the way, to ensure you receive a professional product with every order.

What is the cost of manufacture for Blu-ray?

Replicated blu-ray discs (orders of 500 or more), use AACS (Advanced Access Content System). This provide copyright protection by making it difficult to copy the blu-ray discs. There is a licence fee associated with this, and it is mandatory for replicated blu-ray discs. Talk to us for more information on the costs of licences.

How fast can Disc Wizards manufacture Blu-ray?

If we are duplicating, we can have blu-ray discs ready in 24 hours. Although on normal turnarounds we recommend allowing 11-14 working days for manufacturing and delivery.

Will a blu-ray play on an old DVD player?

Unfortunately a blu-ray disc will not play on a standard DVD player, one requires a dedicated blu-ray player to watch blu-ray discs.

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